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Satu Mare County is the beneficiary of a non-reimbursable financing for implementing the project „Satu Mare Routes", selected in the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, Priority axis 5 -Lasting development and tourism promotion Major intervention domain 5.3 - Promoting tourism potential and creating the infrastructure necessary for increasing Romania's appeal as a tourism destination and co-financed by the European Union through European Regional Development Fund.

The project "Satu Mare Routes" has as objective the promotion of the tourism potential throughout Satu Mare County, in order to increase its visibility on a regional, national and international level and economic development of all involved in tourism field throughout the county.

This will materialize by designing three touristic routes in Satu Mare county and promoting them with typical marketing instruments. The touristic routes were designed to capitalize and promote the touristic potential of Satu Mare County, its cultural patrimony - architectural monuments, castles, fortresses, natural resources of thermal and mineral waters and also local traditions.

  1. Wandering the past times trails

This circuit refers to cultural and religious tourism and will include the following places: Satu Mare, Carei, Căpleni, Medieşu Aurit, Livada, Ardud, Hodod, Corund, Săuca, Ady Endre, Măriuş, Scărişoara Nouă, Petreşti, Moftinu Mic, Bobald, Tăşnad, Pir, Viile Satu Mare, Apa, Negreşti-Oaş, Bixad. These will highlight testimonies of cultural and historical values. Among these, some are added to the national and international patrimony as an integral part of the world's mankind inheritance, castles and fortresses, remarkable architectural sightseeings, living proofs of the history, the wood churches and monasteries.

  1. Traditions and customs in Satu Mare

This circuit integrates rural and eco tourism objectives and will include the following places: Negreşti-Oaş, Huta Certeze, Racşa, Prilog, Vama, Petreşti, Homorodu de Sus (Oţeloaia), Bogdand, Călineşti-Oaş, Turulung, Oraşu Nou şi Andrid - which kept their cultural heritage; an original ethnographical fund, traditional architecture, local handicrafts, traditional manifestations and also other tourism objectives from the Natural Reservation of Tur river, a place which protects and preserves natural habitats and local species. The related tourism areas reached by this circuit are traditional popular art, local foods which satisfy even the biggest gourmet, local customc and festivals.

  1. Satu Mare - source of health

This circuit refers to balneary and health tourism. The places included in this circuit are the following: Carei, Tăşnad, Beltiug, Acâş, Mihăieni, Valea Măriei, Vama (Băile Puturoasa), Bixad, rich in natural resources of thermal and mineral waters.


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