Situated between two areas with great potential for tourism, Maramureş and Bihor – Satu Mare county earns day after day its well-deserved spot as an exceptional tourism destination.

Multiculturalism becomes a key element once putting sightseeing places for all tastes back into the circuit by promoting them. The historical Maramureş has in Oaş Country not just a correspondent, but also something more: a special world, with ancestral traditions and customs. Codru or Carei areas complete a large variety of customs and traditions from Satu Mare. Century-old traditions have been preserved in places like Negreşti-Oaş, Huta Certeze, Racşa, Prilog, Vama, Petreşti, Homorodu de Sus (Oţeloaia), Bogdand, Călineşti- Oaş, Turulung, Oraşu Nou and Andrid – with their cultural heritage, an original ethnographic fund, traditional architecture, popular handicrafts and traditional manifestations. The local traditional food satisfies even the most pretentious gourmand.

Satu Mare offers the tourist passionate about history an ensemble of sights, from castles and fortresses, wooden churches and monasteries, museums and memorial houses, to cultural values strictly related to the history of these places. Multiculturalism adds to the national patrimony, which is an integral part of the world’s human patrimony, local values of a rare beauty. We enumerate a few places worth visited by those who come to this region: Satu Mare, Carei, Căpleni, Medieşu Aurit, Livada, Ardud, Hodod, Soconzel, Corund, Săuca, Ady Endre, Măriuş, Scărişoara Nouă, Petreşti, Moftinu Mic, Bobald, Tăşnad, Pir, Viile Satu Mare, Apa, Negreşti-Oaş, Bixad. And the list goes on.

Satu Mare is from all points of view an atypical county. By the number of inhabitants and surface, it is a small to medium county, but it comes on the top places among the counties with the largest amount of thermal water. Well turned to advantage, promoting their spa potential, the resorts from Satu Mare, Tăşnad, Carei, Bixad, Turţ Băi, Băile Puturoasa, Valea Măriei, Beltiug, Acâş and Mihăieni will compete with the famous Băile Felix from the neighbouring county, but also with the ones in Hungary.

An entrance gate in the country from Hungary and Ukraine, Satu Mare county awaits its visitors only with the most beautiful things. The visitor will feel every step of the way the hospitality specific for the places where Romanians, Hungarians, Swabians and Ukrainians have been living together for centuries, building one of the most interesting area in Central and Eastern Europe. The cultural diversity places Satu Mare among the hospitable and friendly tourism destinations.



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