Results of „Satu Mare Routes” project

-  Establish a database of tourist information, mainly information on attractions included in the three tourist routes;

-  Designing "Satu Mare Routes" tourist product;

-  Editing a tourist guide of Satu mare County in 10,000 copies;

-  Making 1,000 promotional materials (pens and folders);

-  Editing 15,000 brochures designed to promote walking trails (5,000 for each thematic route in Romanian and in other languages: English, French, German, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Slovak);

-  Editing and distribution of 15,000 flyers among the target groups for the tourism product created;

-  Editing 10,000 thematic maps of tourist routes;

-  Editing 3,000 calendars with pictures selected from among the locations included in the thematic trails;

-  Promotion of touristic product threw 500 DVD-s;

-  Creating an exhibition stand in the lobby of Satu Mare County Council;

-  Execution of 8 roll-ups for posting them at the exhibition stand and in different locations in towns included in the thematic routes (inside museums or city halls);

-  Making a total of 60 indicator panels;

-  Creating a travel information portal-;

-  Implementation and location of a number of 60 panels of promotion;

-  Promoting "Satu Mare Routes" tourism product through a promotional event, consisting of a conference presentation of the tourism product, followed by a press conference and organizing the first tours;

-  Promoting tourism product through television, consisting in achieving a spot and its dissemination through local and national television and a program to promote and disseminate it through the television stations carrying programs of tourism or other programs with impact on increasing tourism traffic;

-  Press releases to start the project, launching the tourism product and the project completion;

-  Press materials during project implementation.


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