Purpose of “Satu Mare Routes” project

- Promoting Satu Mare Countys’ tourism potential, by promoting proposed thematic routes;

- Developing and strengthening tourism in Satu Mare County, by suporting thematic routes;

- Increasing the number of tourists visiting Satu Mare County, by proposed thematic routes, which will also ensure sustainability of natural, cultural and historical values of the region;

- Creating attractive tourist programs, professionalism of local tourism authorities, and a quality and appropriate level of services and infrastructure in the county;

- Economical increase in the county, involving economic factors in tourism and not only (accomodation, restaurants, transport companies, retailers, etc.) in holidays spent by the tourists in the county, by achieving the objective of increasing the number of overnight stays in the accomodation and spending holidays/vacations units in Satu Mare County;

- Increasing the visibility of Satu Mare County on Romania’s map

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