Satu Mare County

Location and access

Situated in the north-west of Romania, Satu Mare county is one of Romania's main gates, having boarders with Hungary and Ukraine.

Road access: Satu Mare county has an important advantage regarding its location. It is situated near the boarder and quite close to four European capitals:

-  578 km from Bucharest (6 hours and 57 minutes drive);

-  580 km from Vienna (6 hours and 33 minutes drive);

-  537 km from Bratislava (6 hours and 11 minutes drive);

-  336 km from Budapest (4 hours and 14 minutes drive).

Inside the country, Satu Mare has the following road access:

-  from Bucharest to Satu Mare: Bucharest - Piteşti - Sibiu - Cluj-Napoca - Satu Mare;

-  from Moldova you can get to Satu Mare through Braşov - Târgu-Mureş - Cluj-Napoca;

-  from northern Moldova, the recommended route is Suceava - Bistriţa - Cluj-Napoca - Satu Mare;

-  another route is Borşa - Negreşti-Oaş - Satu Mare.

Railway access: Satu Mare is directly connected by railway with Cluj-Napoca, a route which has connections with the Central, North-eastern, South-eastern, South and South-western Regions. Another important route is Oradea - Satu Mare, which connects Satu Mare with the Western Region. The railway network of the North-western Region offers direct access to the travellers from the region to Satu Mare.

Airway access: Satu Mare airport offers two weekly return flights (TAROM) Satu Mare - Bucharest, on Mondays and Fridays.


-  Petea (road);

-  Halmeu (road and railway);

-  Urziceni (road);

-  Berveni (railway);

-  Satu Mare (airway).

Administrative structure of Satu Mare county

Satu Mare county is divided in 64 territorial units, of which the residence town of Satu Mare, the towns of Carei, Tăşnad, Negreşti-Oaş, Livada and Ardud, and 58 communes.


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